I’m Net Nanny

(Yes, I am fully aware that there is a filter software with the same name. My choice is in fact an ironic wink to all attempts to create technological solutions to these kinds of human problems.)

This week, while I’m @sweden, I will blog in English. You can also ask Net Nanny questions here. I am the only one who reads your questions, and if i post my answer, it will not contain any personal information; I anonymize all questions before answering them.

Net Nanny started out as an idea for a tv show. I don’t think there are enough tv shows about children, parenting, learning, children’s rights, etc. There are loads of shows about economy, sports, war history, giant machines, etc. Those shows can be nice pastime for aldults,  but let’s face it, it’s not like they are productive. They don’t add to society. We need more tv, radio, internet, books and papers on important things.

And one important issue, judging by media headlines, is kids and the internet; dangers, joys, fears, possibilities…

My idea was a tv show where I, like in the nanny shows, turn up on a different family’s doorstep every week. With my cordless keyboard under my arm, in my Net Nanny uniform (see picture below). I would sit down with the family and they would tell me about their worries and their conflicts. I would have a look at their computer environment; how about ergonomics? Do they have virus protection? Who gets to use the devices and when? And I would talk to the kids and parents separately and at the end of the show we summarize and I mediate their different views.

However, it turns out that no tv producers want my idea. They all say there is not enough conflict involved! So I applied for funding from .se, who fund R&D on internet issues. And instead of a tv show, I have an online Q&A. And on the subject of sponsors: The Swarowski Chrystal phone from Mirabling. Please ask me questions!



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